Taxation services

We provide cost-effective tax planning services to clients on tax matters and offer constructive opinions on tax issues. With our in-depth understanding of our clients' business and industry, we help them manage their tax affairs to comply with tax regulations and find opportunities to save tax. Our professional assistance covers a range of areas, including providing professional advice on cross-border group taxation, indirect taxes, and personal taxes in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and other regions, and assisting clients in increasing compliance, improving cash flow, and adopting favorable tax treatment methods.

The services we provide are as follows:

Corporate Tax Advisory Services

We provide formal financial report auditing services and business auditing services, including reviewing internal controls, risk management, and more. We offer valuable insights and recommendations for managing risks related to customer's internal controls. By closely monitoring financial conditions and corporate performance, our experienced professionals can help clients solve specific business problems, providing opportunities for improving corporate performance and implementing more effective risk management. Our firm can assist clients in finding ways to reduce taxes within the scope permitted by relevant tax regulations. Our tax experts can provide effective tax arrangements to help clients reduce their bottom line spending within the relevant tax laws. Through effective tax planning to increase shareholder value, improve tax compliance efficiency and related cash flow management, we can provide strategic advice to help clients control costs through improved management efficiency. We can also provide tax arrangements for restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions, as well as tax due diligence.

Profits Tax Compliance

We can assist businesses operating in Mainland China in dealing with some of the tax issues that multinational enterprises often encounter. Our tax compliance and professional advisory services include preparing and submitting tax declaration forms for businesses and individuals, as well as negotiating with tax authorities. In addition, our professionals can also assist clients in dealing with compliance issues related to trade and customs.

Other Tax Compliance

Our tax experts also provide assistance with individual tax planning, as well as offering suggestions for effective tax-saving compensation arrangements and stamp duty planning and calculation.